Long-term coaching –

“Regular check-ups maintain our vitality.”

Many groups allow one or more of the ten ESSENTIALS to fade into the background while they favor the others. They then start to tilt out-of-balance and to become deficient in some of the nutrients needed to stay vital. They may also be ignorant of, or fail to incorporate, what the Bible (and common sense) says about the smartest ways to practice these ESSENTIALS when they’re together.

These common mis-steps point out the practical value of skillful, spiritually mature coaches who understand what a church should "look like" when it's in top-notch condition. Perhaps on an annual basis they could visit a church, objectively observe how the people interact and use their time together, then offer some positive feedback to help them get into better balance. That practice appears to be precisely what the apostles offered the early Christian churches, both in person and in the many problem-solving portions of the NT. It's needed today every bit as much.

Take a look at #'s 4-6 on the Pointers page for some ideas on how you might proceed.