My name is Bob Sears and I live in Fullerton, CA. I'm very happily married to Caroline and have two grown children: Ryan and Shannon.

I received my Master of Divinity degree from Talbot Seminary at Biola Univ. in 1982. (No fair holding that against me.) I then served for 20 years as an associate pastor in two Evangelical Free churches. My primary areas of ministry included starting and teaching adult fellowships, developing small groups that met in homes, leadership training, preaching, counseling, writing curricula and teaching a variety of seminars, classes and retreats.

Unable to resist the Spirit's prodding, I left my pastoral position at the begin-ning of 2003 to start simple churches. I have especially loved "fishing" in the 12-step recovery community because so many recognize their need for God but are turned-off to "organized religion." I've been amazed how open they are to Jesus and his teachings.

My heart's desire is to serve the body of Christ by helping simple churches become all that God intends, which I've come to define in terms of the ten
"Elements of Extraordinary".

I'm also very concerned that this church-planting movement is in danger of expanding miles wide while burrowing only inches deep. I know by experience that many groups which start well become mediocre or disband within a relatively short period of time.

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So I believe we must focus on two things instead of just one:

Starting lots of simple churches -- so many that they become recognized by the population-at-large as a good alternative to what's already available. AND
2. Doing our part to ensure that our simple churches are "assembled" and directed according to New Testament instructions, of which there are many.

If you’re looking for someone to work with or talk to about starting a simple church, making an existing one better, or just brainstorming how to take over the world, I love to do that sort of thing. Please contact me.

Bob Sears

(714) 612-0941