I’m afraid this page is rather blatantly self-serving. But because we have probably not met, I asked some folks who know me to give you their impressions of my character, style and usefulness. I can hardly expect you to consult with me, a stranger to you, unless you have a few reassurances on the front-end that God is at work in my life and ministry. So please forgive me this indulgence.

From Ken Eastburn, Pastor of "The Well", A House Church Network in North Orange County, CA.
I met Bob Sears almost a year and a half ago. Since then he has become a friend and mentor in church planting. He brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience in working with groups of all sizes. Bob has been able to go into our existing groups, listen, observe and coach them in a way that helps them to become better. He has also been instrumental in helping new groups get off to a great start. Bob has encouraged me to raise the bar when it comes to simple church. His passion is not only for the house church movement but also for starting and equipping the kind of churches that would make Jesus proud.

From Jay Williams; Pastor of Care and Concern, First Evangelical Free Church of Fullerton, CA.
I have known Bob for almost 15 years, working shoulder to shoulder with him for 12 of those. He is passionate about seeing people grow up in Christ, helping them connect in the body through loving accountable relationships, and then challenging them to use their uniqueness to bless others. He is warm, insightful, transparent and creative as a teacher. I enjoy listening to him; he has the ability to touch the heart and move me to respond. I have seen him in multiple settings: men’s retreats, couples events, Sunday morning pulpit, Alpha, adult fellowships, leadership training, spiritual life seminars, recovery meetings, etc. He is gifted as a teacher and motivator and will hit it out of the park. I wholeheartedly recommend my friend, mentor, and brother in Christ to you.

From Carlos Sales; Pastor of Ministries, Mission Hills Church /Emmanuel Faith Community Church, Escondido, CA.
Bob Sears is one of the most creative and dynamic teachers I've heard. He challenged over 150 men at our Men's Retreat to come clean with God and to deal with some heavy issues.  In my 26-years as a Christian, I've never witnessed men move into action and prayer like that before. What an incredible weekend of revival!  
Besides filling our pulpit, Bob also taught a very practical "How to Study The Bible" workshop for about 100 of our small group leaders. The most common comment I received from our leaders was: "That was the best workshop I've ever been to. Can we get Bob back?"  

From Brian Benson; Sr. Pastor, Chino Valley Community Church; Chino Hills, CA.
I have found Bob Sears to be a great friend and man of faithful integrity. He has modeled an open and humble communication style that has not only influenced my personal life, but has assisted me in my current ministry as a pastor. Bob's disarming teaching style is sure to be both enlightening to those who doubt the grace of God and encouraging to those who struggle in building a more intimate relationship with God or His church. I thank God for Bob's influence in my life, and look forward to how God can use him in yours.
After Bob's presentation to our men's group, the men's ministry has doubled in participation and size. Men are excited to build deeper relationships with each other and have purposed in their hearts to grow as men of God. Due to Bob's exceptional communication skills and his ability to connect quickly with my church, men are becoming small group leaders, initiating ministry ideas and most of all, they are re-energized to become better leaders at home, in the work place and in their church. I thank the Lord for bringing Bob Sears to my church, and look forward to how God can use him in others.

From Joan W. Jones; Psy.D., Associate Professor, Rosemead School of Psychology, Biola University; La Mirada, CA.
I have always appreciated the thoughtful preparation Bob Sears puts into his presentations. He thoroughly studies his topic, and his presentation reflects his understanding of the material as well as his ability to integrate information into its practical application to every day life. His two presentations at Rosemead School of Psychology's chapel service on developing relationships that reflect God's character was outstanding.

From John Roberson; Knott Ave. Christian Church; Cypress, CA.
Bob is a very knowledgeable and gifted speaker who will not bore you with stuffy information. He presents edifying, Bible-based content in a heartfelt, sometimes humorous,  manner. I left (his workshop) with renewed strength.