Here are some ways that "Simple-minded" might be able to assist those who are devoted to serving the church that Jesus gave himself for:

1. If you read nothing else on this website make sure you don't skip the parts describing the ESSENTIALS of an extraordinary simple church. Practical teaching ideas are available for most of them at the bottom of their respective pages.

2. Feel free to use or adapt the information on this website however you wish, but please credit “Simple-minded” if you share it with people who don’t yet know about this ministry.

3. Check out the Downloadable Files page for information contained on this website that you can adapt and print as you please.

4. The Quick-Start Guide may be all you need to get up-and-running with your new group. It highlights what needs to happen in your first three meetings, drawing ideas from other spots on this website and from the book, Gold, Silver and Precious Stones (available on the Products and Resources page). A planned revision to that book will include this section as an additional chapter.

5. An interactive training called "Prototype" has been developed to help your leadership team or church(es) practically incorporate each of the ESSENTIALS into the life of any group. Teaching segments last from 30 minutes to three hours, depending on the topic. Personalized coaching and a full-day workshop are also available that cover all ten.

6. An intense, all-weekend workshop is also available for 10-20 participants. It is designed to powerfully confront them with the supernatural difference they can make in each others’ lives when they are devoted to loving each other in Jesus’ name. This is a great way to launch a new church or take an already-existing group to a much deeper level.

7. Use the Contact/Email page if you’d like to chat, correspond, schedule a phone consultation, etc. I would love to interact with you and support your efforts to advance God’s kingdom. Or call (714) 612-0941.