Nourishing Bible study –

“Staying immersed in the Word of God.”

Once the newborn Church inhaled its first breath, the Holy Spirit started leading God’s people to immerse themselves in four activities that are timelessly useful for spiritual formation and impact (see Acts 2). These elements are still the primary means God uses to vitally connect us with Himself, each other and the world around us. Churches are most healthy when everyone involved is devoted to maintaining a balanced diet of all four. But the first activity on that ancient list of "things to do" is still the most fundamental: "They continually devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching" (Acts 2:42).

Willow Creek Community Church in Illinois recently completed a survey of 80,000 people in 200 churches. One of the standout conclusions they reached needs to ring in our ears like permanent tinnitus: “The Bible is the most powerful catalyst for spiritual growth.” “Reflection on Scripture is by far the most influential spiritual practice” (Greg Hawkins and Sally Parkinson, Follow Me, pp. 105-6).

If we're serious about following and becoming more like Jesus, we need to do at least these two things:
(1) Concentrate a good portion of our times together on reading, discussing, understanding and applying the Scriptures.
(2) Help every person among us to cultivate a daily regimen of their own that includes reading God's Book and discussing it with Him.

We must also be diligent to ensure that our Bible studies consistently go beyond "informational and interesting" to genuinely "nourishing and life-changing." That will probably require us to focus less on designated teachers / preachers and to interact more with each other about what we're reading and how we're doing.

Important insights into how to do this effectively are included in the book,
Gold, Silver and Precious Stones.
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