Embraced identity –

“Meeting as a church in Jesus' name.”

Early on, every group of Christians needs to answer questions like: “What are we? Why do we meet? How does God see us and what does he want us to be/do?”

Some groups are slow to embrace their identity as a “real church,” preferring to think of themselves as a Bible study, a cell that meets as
part of a church, a fellowship/prayer/discussion group, etc. But it’s important for a group, as soon as it legitimately is one, to acknowledge and embrace its identity as a real “church” because of the privileges and responsibilities which attend that role.

1. A “church” = “Followers of Jesus who regularly meet in his name.” We don't go to church, we are the church. So we need to use language like, "I'm part of the church that meets at _____."

2. What it takes to “meet in Jesus’ name”:

• Centering our attention on him as our Lord and honoring him as immediately present with us.

• Striving to handle every situation and interaction as he himself would, as his representatives and ambassadors. This involves thoughtfully considering his interests, frequently consulting and “listening” for his guidance, actively seeking to discern his will and zealously working to advance his cause.

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