Shepherding elders –

“Following the lead of mature men of God.”

As soon as it became feasible, the New Testament apostles (or their representatives) appointed men with high spiritual qualifications to be “elders” for the local churches of every city (Acts 14:23; Titus 1:5-9; 1 Tim. 3:1-11). The pastoral (lit. "shepherding") leadership provided by these men is just as critical in contemporary churches, so a "guide" is needed to help us evaluate potential elders, to assist those not yet qualified so they can make the necessary advances and to recognize those who are ready to serve. That process should include:

1. Developing a descriptive list of elder responsibilities and qualifications, then prayerfully and candidly evaluating all “candidates” in light of that list.

2. Involving those who aren’t yet qualified in a program of learning and training to help them become more so.

3. Laying-on hands and publicly ordaining those who meet the qualifications and wish to serve a church (or network of churches) as elders.

TEACHING IDEAS - To help you think further about this essential so your church will adopt and apply it, click on this link: Shepherding Elders.